Cara Melangsingkan Perut Dengan Cepat Setelah Melahirkan:Losing Weight With Walnuts

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Cara Melangsingkan Perut Dengan Cepat Setelah Melahirkan:Losing Weight With Walnuts
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Did you know that walnuts can actually help with your dieting? Read on to find out how.

Very few people know it, but you can find a very powerful ally in weight loss among walnuts. These are tasty protein rich nuts that you can enjoy anywhere at any day. But now, people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of these nuts that it’s become a common part of one’s weight loss diet. Even the FDA has looked into it.

But what’s in a walnut? They’re essentially a plant source, and very delicious at that! Moreover, they are a very good source of protein, not to mention that they’re filled with fibre, vitamin B, antioxidants and magnesium. That means that walnuts are a good package of anti-obesity nutrients. Protein is needed for body-building, fibre is essential for better digestion, and magnesium makes sure that our nutrition is always maximized.

Walnuts are also rich in omega-3, and in fact have more of it than any other type of nut. They also have lots of sterols and polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats from plants. This makes walnuts great for low-cholesterol diets.

Obviously, the first benefit you get from adding walnuts to your diet is that you get a low-calorie yet great tasting addition to your menu. You can add them to your favourite recipes for added flavour, or you can just eat them as they are. This makes walnuts great for snacks as well as meals, which means you can always have walnuts the whole day.

And with so many recipes that involve walnuts as an ingredient or additive, it’s impossible for you to not find the right dish for you. You’ll never run out of options and you’ll always have a variety with you. It’s less likely that you’ll ever find yourself growing tired of having walnuts everyday with the endless list of options that you have.

Even the FDA has approved the use of walnuts in preventing diseases like heart disease. The seal of approval was stamped on walnuts alongside pistachios, almonds, peanuts, hazel nuts, pine nuts, and pecans, way back in the year 2003. All these nuts mentioned have saturated fat content. The FDA has further endorsed walnuts, saying that having 1.5 oz. per day would significantly reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases.

Studies have also shown that you reduce the number of C-Reactive Proteins in your blood stream by eating walnuts. CRP has been known for its being an indicator for heart disease. Thus, integrating walnuts into a diet with low cholesterol will also further reduce any heart disease related risks.

In general, walnuts are good for you and they taste great as well. So there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t consider having them on a regular basis.

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