Cara Melangsingkan Perut Dengan Cepat Setelah Melahirkan:Motivate Yourself With Positive Self-Talk To Lose Weight!

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Cara Melangsingkan Perut Dengan Cepat Setelah Melahirkan:Motivate Yourself With Positive Self-Talk To Lose Weight!
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Can affirmations really help lose weight? Does Positive Self Talk matter? We know that negative self-talk can keep us from even trying to do what we know we should. ‘I can’t!’ is very strong. And so is “I think I can!’ Just remember the children’s book ‘The Little Engine That Could’.

For sure, just sitting there and affirming to yourself that you can lose weight isn’t the only thing you have to do for real weight loss success. Positive self-talk alone is not a magic bullet. It can’t shrink your belly by itself, but if done deliberately and regularly it can change your mental outlook and help you accept the fact that you’ll need a whole mind/ body weight loss program to achieve your perfect body image.

Positive self-talking is not about getting anywhere without doing what you have to do; it is about doing it with less stress. It is about motivating yourself to change things; about planting your intention so deeply into the subconscious part of your brain that doing some things differently will become automatic.

So how do you do it then, lose weight using positive affirmations? First, you need to make a definite statement to yourself that you want to look and feel better. Visualize your desired body in detail! Try to feel what that body will FEEL like walking, moving, being seen by the important people in your life. Bask in the compliments you’ll get. Even look in the mirror, mentally, and see your new image.You will find yourself doing what you need to do to get there almost effortlessly.

The secret lies in repetition. Remind yourself as often as you can that you are all the way committed to getting a healthier body and more balanced life style. Tell yourself out loud how wonderful you will feel once you have achieved your goal, and keep repeating these statements to yourself to truly make them your own.

Next, you should decide exactly how much extra weight you want to get rid of. Do you need to change your diet or activity routine or both? Perhaps you are only missing the energy and vibrant looks of a healthy body?

How fat do you think you are? Perhaps you are only used to thinking you are too heavy because at some time you were, or because everybody always seems to talk about ‘going on a diet’.

Next, you should see your doctor and get a complete Physical. You’ll find out about any health- limitations to pay attention to before you start an exercise program or a strict diet. Perhaps your problem needs to be treated with a prescription drug or, preferably, with natural nutritional supplements. If your excess weight comes from eating wrong and/or not enough physical exercise, there are many natural energy supplements and even healthy fat and carbohydrate blockers and fiber preparations available to support your quest to lose weight in a healthy way. Your doctor can suggest supplementation with vitamins.

Dare to confront the facts, then you know where to focus. You know what to say to yourself, mentally. You can start making daily, even hourly,…

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