Cara Melangsingkan Perut Dengan Cepat Setelah Melahirkan:Show Me How to Lose Weight Fast!

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Cara Melangsingkan Perut Dengan Cepat Setelah Melahirkan:Show Me How to Lose Weight Fast!
how to lose weight

Want to lose that weight super fast and be super slim by the weekend? Well .. while I can show you a great plan for losing weight that will shift those pounds in record time first you need to be realistic about what ‘fast’ weight loss really means. Forget any expectations that you are going to drop ‘Biggest Loser’ numbers, fast weight loss really is only around 2 pounds per week. Anything more than that and (1) it won’t be sustainable and (2) it’s likely to be unhealthy. So if you are happy to learn how to lose around 2 pounds a week, read on.

OK so first thing you need to work out is how much weight overall you would like to lose. That way you’ll have a realistic expectation of how long it will likely take you. So if you want to lose 10 pounds you are looking at around 5 weeks. If you have more to lose and want to lose around 80 pounds then you are looking at 40 weeks (or just over 9 months). Having realistic expectations will help you stick to your plan as you won’t be discouraged week to week – you’ll be able to see the bigger picture.

Ready to get into the plan now? Great, here we go:

(1) Cut out any drinks with calories

Most people are surprised just how many calories a day they drink and just by cutting out anything that contains calories such as alcoholic beverages, sugar in tea or coffee, soda, fruit juices or flavored waters it can make a massive difference. That really just leaves water, unsweetened coffee or tea and diet sodas to drink (although water is your best and healthiest choice). If you don’t like the taste of water on its own, a splash of lemon juice will give it some flavor. Also make sure you spread out your daily intake of water over the course of the whole day and don’t try and drink it in the one sitting.

(2) Know your daily calorie limit

The amount of calories you need to eat per day varies from person to person and takes into account your current weight, height and sex but generally a good diet for losing weight is around 1500 calories per day (adjust this to suit your level). Even if you are tempted to take in fewer calories, be aware than you may be sabotaging your metabolism which will make it harder to lose weight so try and stick with your allotted 1500.

(3) Snack on no or low calorie snacks

If you are hungry between meals then foods that fill you up but contain no or few calories are your best bet. One of the best snacks you can have is vegetable soup in a clear or tomato-based broth. It will fill you up very quickly, it contains lots of vitamins and minerals for your health, and because it contains little to no fat – it’s the perfect choice for dieters.

(4) Avoid high starch vegetables

When choosing your vegetables make sure you go for broccoli, lettuce, spinach, celery and other greens and avoid potatoes and starches like corn and peas. If you have a sweet tooth fruits such as oranges and strawberries are your best bet.

It’s also a good idea to take a multivitamin when you are on a diet to make sure you are…

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